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Kevin Finke facilitates a stroytelling workshop.


Humans have an intrinsic need to feel included and valued by members of the cultures where they spend their time. Cultures, for example, like the companies they work for and the employee teams they're part of. And when those employees (humans) feel a strong sense of belong (as a result of being included and valued), the outcomes are positive for both the employee and the organization: increased productivity, increased engagement, fewer sick days, lower turnover, increased profitability, to name a few. ​

As a belonging expert, Kevin uses a mix of storytelling, interactive dialogue and group activities to explore the concepts of culture, inclusion and belonging, including the five phases of the BELONGING JOURNEY™ and the touch points for each phase. Further, he'll help you discover the elements of your shared culture that drive feelings of belonging within your organization.


At the end of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define culture, inclusion and belonging, as well as better understand helpful frameworks related to each

  • Define what may be getting in the way of inclusion and a true sense of belonging at your organization

  • Role model and foster more inclusive behaviors themselves

  • Take actions that will help your organization as a whole improve its culture of inclusion and belonging

NOTE: This workshop is fully customizable and can be delivered in person or virtually.


Chairman and CEO, World's Finest Chocolate

Kevin brings a level of empathy and passion to the table that I've never experienced before. 
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Build on the impact of Kevin's keynote or start your belonging work here.

Through customized, hands-on workshops, Kevin helps your leaders and frontline employees

understand the importance of a culture of belonging and how to create and sustain one.

Kevin Finke discussing the importance of regular feedback.


Designing for belonging is a critical part of creating more effective organizations and driving productivity. Yet managing the complex nuances of human relationships can be daunting—even paralyzing—for many leaders.


But there is hope! By leveraging human-centered design (HCD), leaders can create an environment where people feel comfortable, connected, and valued. Through thoughtful considerations such as conducting research with employees, listening to their perspectives, curating a feedback process that drives change; HCD allows us to identify unseen opportunities for improving how people interact in the workplace today.


In this workshop, Kevin provides insights on implementing HCD practices at different stages of organizational design, equipping your business or organization to shift from purposeful inclusion to immersive belonging across teams and departments.


At the end of this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the principles of Human-Centered Design and why methodology can be used to design for belonging

  • Conduct meaningful empathy and define real-world problems getting in the way of belong

  • Ideate and co-create solutions with colleagues

  • Prioritize solutions and build an action plan.


NOTE: This workshop is fully customizable and can be delivered in person or virtually.


Chief Talent & Diversity Officer, Equifax

Kevin has a unique blend of energy and practical content delivered in a way that captures participants' attention, keeps them engaged and inspires them to take action as soon as they walk out of the classroom.


When it comes to employee experience, the goal is usually straightforward: create a working environment that’s intuitive, engaging and productive for everyone. But how do you ensure this?


Human-Centered Design (HCD), also known as user-centered design or empathy-driven design, is quickly gaining recognition as an effective approach to creating experiences that work better for both employers and employees. HCD is a creative problem-solving process founded in empathy, curiosity, understanding, co-creation, and continuous improvement—hallmark traits of work cultures with the highest levels of employee satisfaction, belonging and engagement.


In this workshop, Kevin teaches participants how to use the five actions of Human-Centered Design to solve culture, leadership and employee experience challenges.


At the end of this interactive workshop, participants will:

  • Understand human-centered design and problem-solving, as it specifically applies to “experience design”

  • Increase their ability to apply Agile best practices and key Design Thinking actions

  • Understand the tools and methods that will help them effectively engage and participate in HCD


NOTE: This workshop is fully customizable and can be delivered in person or virtually.


L&D Manager, World's Finest Chocolate

Whether I'm in a direct conversation or experiencing Kevin live as he delivers a workshop, I can literally feel my brain growing.
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